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How Kalila started Namoi designs

It all started in 2010, I started sewing a few garments in the evenings from my bedroom on the top floor of a terrace house in Surry Hills, while I was studying Fashion in Sydney. My good friend Julia urged me to do a photo shoot, set up facebook & a website. Choosing a name to embody my creations was a tricky decision making process. The logical thing to do would be to name the label Kalila after myself the designer, Kalila Stewart-Davis. However I wasn't ready to do that or preferred to come up with a different name. After seeing the word Namoi in numerous places including on a building in Queen St Woollahra, on a street sign just out of Byron Bay & hearing it in a song I was inspired to name the label NaMOI. 

Namoi is a river in North Western New South Wales, the Narrabri region is known for Cotton farming. The name Namoi is derived from an indigenous name for a species of acacia. These earthy elements and my love of natural colours lead me to believe this would be the perfect name for my fledgling label.

I didn't anticipate was how confusing this unsuspecting name would be. Namoi looks a lot like Naomi, and not only do customers become confused but google likes to auto-correct Namoi to Naomi. 

This is why after 8 years I have decided to re-brand and launch a new website under my name Kalila. My parents found the name Kalila in a baby name book, it took them 6 weeks to decide on the name. The name Kalila is Arabic in origin and is used to describe your beloved. I have dominant Scottish heritage so my name is not necessarily more logical but it is my name. I am under no illusions. Kalila is not any easier but perhaps as I am Kalila it is slightly less confusing than Namoi or Naomi. 

After 5 years at 29 Glen Osmond Rd Eastwood and a short 2 month trial on Magill Rd we have decided to close Glen Osmond Rd at the end of 2018 and continue to trade 7 days a week on Magill rd at our shop & studio. Come & visit me & my team 7 days at Shop 4 163  165 Magill Rd Maylands x Kalila