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My Favourite Podcasts

I love PODCASTS!! I spend a lot of time in the shop doing manual tasks like sewing, pattern making, cleaning or book work and these podcasts have accompanied me through many late nights of work over the years. I find them engaging & inspiring & essentially they are my virtual learning, helping me gain insight into the world. I have a range of podcasts to listen to, my tastes have evolved over the years but here are a range of themes for you to browse, the majority are Australian and American podcasts. Let me know what you think. x Kalila


USA - NPR - Hidden Brain

Hidden brain by Shankar Vendantam is one of my favourite podcasts, presenting "unconscious patterns that drive human behaviour" often dispelling preconceived ideas, one of my favourite episodes is "screaming into the void". 

USA - Esther Perel - Where Should we begin

Ether is a couples psychologist & she produces podcasts from couple's therapy sessions. She is very insightful  about relationships & human behaviour. 

AU- ABC - All In The Mind

All in the mind takes a more professional & research based approach to presenting the latest research & insight into psychology. 


Economics / Business

AU - ABC -The Money

USA - Freakonomics - a spin off from the book Freakonomic's, diving into behavioural economics hosted by Stephen Dubner & often featuring so author Steven Levitt. 

USA - NPR - Throughline - historical context to current world issues. 

USA - The Indicator - 10 minute podcasts update on the current economic issues. 

USA - Planet Money - longer form breakdown of current economic issues

USA -Business of Fashion - cultural, political, economic breakdown of the fashion industry, from the zeitgeist, to sustainability & online sales trends. 



AU - ABC - Download this Show

USA - TWIT - This Week in Tech

These podcasts are interesting but at times a bit silly & a bit grating, often depends on my mood. 



AU - Case Files

USA - Sword & Scale

A word of warning, try not to listen to too many crime podcasts, they are very addictive & certainly get the adrenaline pumping but they can also make you very paranoid. 


Crime / Mini Drama

Indulge in some sordid true stories of true crime & mystery. 

- The Australian - Who The Hell is Hamish

- The Australian - The Lighthouse

- The Mysterious MR Epstein & Epstein - Devil in the Darkness 

- Wondery - Dirty John

- Wondery - Dr. Death

- Wondery - Young Charlie

- Wondery - Man in the Window


Philosophy/ Business / Other

AU- ABC - The Philosophers Zone

USA - The Tim Ferris Show

USA - The Tony Robbins Podcast

USA - The Minimalists

USA - The Kevin Rose Show

AU ABC The Pineapple Project

AU - Your Creative start