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SALE Silk Chiffon 'Hippy' Wrap Top

SALE Silk Chiffon 'Hippy' Wrap Top

Regular price $139.00 $99.00 Sale

'Hippy' Wrap Top

100% Silk Chiffon 

Blue, Pink, Chartreuse colours in an abstract marble pattern. Swirl & tie dye effect. 

Wrap Top - Designed & handmade in Adelaide South Australia

One Size Fits All. 
​Can be worn multiple ways:
​- Tied at the front
- Wrapped around the waist multiple times & tied at the front or back
- Worn with an obi belt wrapped at the front without tying. 

Silk always looks beautiful when it is dry cleaned, however it can also be cold hand washed & then steamed, silk is a protein fibre and can dehydrate, to keep soft & long lasting I reccommend ironing & or steaming while it is still a little slightly damp. If you get an oil stain on your silk, baby powder can be used on the dry fabric to help draw the oil out, then rub the remaining powder off before washing. 

Our wrap tops generally retail for $139, however as this is a designer remnant piece of silk I am able to sell them for a better price, if I am to make our wrap tpps in new silk from a supplier they will retail for $179 - $229. 

Instore Now at Kalila & Namoi Shop 29 Glen Osmond Rd Eastwood SA 5063